Coming Clean About Baikal

内容は下記、Japanese limnologistとあるのは私です。ひどい英語しゃべってますが、ロシア語の吹き替えのおかげでばれずに済みそうです。

This Russian documentary film, shot in summer 2016, portrays the ecological crisis that has erupted recently in the coastal zone of Lake Baikal, Siberia -- the world’s oldest, deepest, and most species-rich lake. Accompanying a scientific sampling expedition around the lake, the filmmaker features Russian and Japanese limnologists as they investigate the causes of severe benthic eutrophication and the mysterious die-offs of the lake's unique sponge forests. Local citizens, government officials, and other Russian stakeholders are interviewed providing a rich cultural and sociological lens for revealing the nuances and complexities that face the Lake Baikal region as it develops economically. In Russian with English subtitles. 55 mins.

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